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Public Works Department

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Our Public Works Department, located at 2373 Chiswick Line, is responsible for the maintenance of all publicly maintained roads in the Township as well as bridges, culverts, ditches, etc.  Their regular hours of operation are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The staff consists of the Public Works Supervisor, Mr. Real Gauthier, as well as an Assistant Foreman, one full-time equipment operator, a grader operator, and four part-time equipment operators for the winter months.

They can be reached at 724-5530, by fax at 724-2759, or by email at p.works@chisholm.ca.


The Township is required to maintain the roads according to the Minimum Maintenance Standards on Municipal Highways, Ontario Regulation 239/02, as amended. http://www.ogra.org/advocacypolicy/minimum-maintenance-standards.html
The Township’s Winter Road Maintenance Policy describes the maintenance standards and procedures based on a priority system according to road class and public need. Snowplowing and sanding/salting operations are initiated according to a priority system that takes into account the volume of traffic on the road and the importance of the road in the overall road system, and these operations are always well above the provincial Minimum Maintenance Standards. For a condensed version of this provincial document, please see MMS - Condensed at the bottom of this page.



Winter Road Maintenance Policy
File: Winter Road Maintenance Policy.pdf

Roadway Service Standards
File: Roadway Service Standards.pdf

Minimum Maintenance Standards - Condensed
File: MMS - Condensed.pdf

Reqest for Proposal River Rd. Bridge Package
File: Request for Proposal River Rd. Bridge Package.pdf

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