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Anglican Church of Canada
St. Mary’s Anglican Church – 16 Memorial Park Drive, Powassan, ON (705)724-2789
Baptist Church
Near North Baptist Church, Corbeil, ON  (705)752-4525
Catholic (Roman) Church
Paroisse St. Thomas D’Aquin, Village Road, Astorville, ON (705)752-1775
St. Joseph’s Church, 120 Memorial Park Drive, Powassan, ON  (705)724-2118

Jehovah’s Witness
Kingdom Hall, R.R.#2, Powassan, ON  (705)724-3193
Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
Grace Pentecostal Church, 14 Main Street, Powassan, ON  (705)724-1720
United Church
Chisholm United Church, 1469 Chiswick Line, Powassan, ON
Powassan United Church, 462 Main Street, Powassan, ON  (705)724-2815
Wesleyan Church
Wesleyan Church, 22 Big Bend Avenue, Powassan, ON  (705)724-3818

Non-Denominational Church

The Church of God, 395 Main Street, Powassan, ON  (705)724-9672


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Chisholm United Church
1469 Chiswick Line

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St. John's Anglican Church
152 Church Lane

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