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 The most important by-laws will be added to the bottom of this page.


Canine By-law 2013-14 to Amend By-law 2010-06
File: Amend Canine By-law 2013-14.pdf

Canine By-law 2010-06
File: canine bylaw 2010-06-22012015123633.pdf

Procurement By-law
File: By-law 2014-32, Procurement.pdf

Fireworks By-law 2012-30
File: Fireworks By-law 2012-30.pdf

Carbon Monoxide By-Law 2009-40
File: carbon monoxide bylaw-22012015154258.pdf

Fire Burning By-law 2012-29
File: Open Air Burning By-law 2012-29.pdf

Building By-law 2005-21
File: Building bylaw-03032015143251.pdf

Speed Limit By-law 2011-04
File: Rate of speed, Hills Siding Road By-law 2011-04.pdf

Speed Limit By-law 2011-40
File: Rate of speed, Alderdale Road By-law 2011-40.pdf

Speed Limit By-law 2014-34
File: Rate of speed, Village Road By-law 2014-34.pdf

Snow Removal By-law 2014-06
File: Depositing of Snow By-law 2014-06.pdf

2015 Budget and Tax Rates By-law
File: 2015 Budget and Tax Rates By-law 2015-19.pdf

ATV By-law 2015-27
File: ATV By-law 2015-27.pdf

Cemetery Fees By-law
File: Cemetery Fees By-law 2015-24.pdf

Budget Tax Ratios By-law 2016-20
File: 2016-20 Budget Tax Ratios.pdf

Landfill By-law
File: By-law, Waste disposal.pdf

Noise By-law 2015-26
File: By-law 2015-26- Noise.pdf

Fees By-law 2017-14
File: By-law 2017-14- Fees.pdf

Speed Limit By-Law 2017-33
File: Speed Limit By-Law 2017-33.pdf

Chisholm Township Speed Limit Map (Nov. 2017)
File: Chisholm Township Speed Limit Map.pdf

Animals Running at Large 2007-07
File: 2007 07 animals running at large-08022018155324.pdf

Anti-Littering By-law (By-Law 2008-22)
File: Anti-Littering By-Law (By-Law 2008-22).pdf

Property Standards By-Law (By-Law 2017-29)
File: Property Standards By-law (By-law 2017-29).pdf

Committees By-Law 2019-09
File: By-Law 2019-09- Committees.pdf

By-Law 2019-28 For Use and Care of Roads
File: By-Law 2019-28 (for Use and Care of Roads).pdf

By-Law 2019-16 Reduced Load Limits
File: By-law 2019-16 (Reduced Load Limits).pdf

By-Law 2020-16 Committees, Roles and Positions
File: By-Law 2020-16 - Committees, Roles and Positions.pdf

By-Law 2020-17 - Fees / Charges for Services
File: By-Law 2020-17 - Fees - Services Provided.pdf

By-Law 2020-18 - Canines (Dogs)
File: By-Law 2020-18 - Canines (Dogs).pdf

By-law 2020-20 (Tax Ratios)
File: By-law 2020-20 (Tax Ratios).pdf

By-law 2020-22 (Adopt budget & establish Tax Rate)
File: By-law 2020-22 (adopt budget and establish tax rates).pdf

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